Laser Dentistry by Solea®

The miracle we’ve been waiting for is here: Solea.  Now available to you, Solea is a powerful dental laser that replaces the dental drill in the majority of procedures in our practice. In…

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24-Hour Emergency Dental Care

Dental emergencies can happen any time of day or night. That’s why an emergency dentist like Kevin Fitzpatrick, DDS, MS is on call 24 hours a day. When an emergency…

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Teeth Whitening

Now you can have significantly whiter teeth in a matter of minutes using advanced teeth whitening techniques. Both comfortable and affordable, teeth whitening can be done either in our office…

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General Care

Kevin Fitzpatrick, DDS, MS, has extensive experience in the diagnosis, treatment and management of dental conditions along with coordination of dental services to care for his patients and their families.…

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Mercury-Free Dentistry

For almost 200 years, silver amalgam fillings with a large mercury content have been routinely placed throughout the United States. They still constitute the majority of fillings placed today. At…

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Veneers are ultra-thin sculpted pieces of tooth-shaped porcelain that fit over the front of your teeth. They are wonderful for fixing teeth that are significantly discolored, gapped, chipped, pitted, malformed,…

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Dr. Fitzpatrick has left private practice dentistry to pursue a career with the IHS. However, to give his patients the opportunity to join an outstanding dental practice after his departure, he has called upon his friend Dr. Todd Pizzi from Del Mar Dental Studio. Dr. Pizzi is standing by to welcome his patients, and is committed to making this transition as streamlined as possible for everyone. If you have any questions or would like to request your records, please contact
Read Dr. Fitzpatrick's Farewell Call 858-755-0187 Now